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Grass-fed beef, Pasture-Raised Pork, Free-range Eggs, and Organic Coffee; the best we have to offer available now to you, your family or your business. Take a look at our product pages to find out more about each selection. We look forward to hearing from you.

About us

We are a fourth-generation family farm raising "Local Grassfed Beef" for the San Antonio area. We proudly raise "Certified Grassfed Beef" that is Animal Welfare Approved. The only USDA approved third-party certification label supporting and promoting family farmers who raise their animals with the highest standards, outdoors, on pasture as nature intended.

Grassfield Beef is your source for locally raised, grassfed ground beef. We proudly raise cattle the old-fashioned way, on open pastures without any grains, antibiotics or growth hormones. Our ranch is certified by the American Grassfed Association and we are Animal Welfare Approved. This means that you can be assured that we do everything we say we do.

As a result of the time and care invested in our cattle, you will find our beef to be flavorful and nutritious. Grassfed beef has a higher ratio of the good omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s) than grainfed beef. These two acids are gaining popularity for offering protective properties against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression and more. (1)

Grassfield Beef is available in 80% – 95% lean ground beef. We grind all the whole muscle cuts (never undesirable cuts) and package in convenient 1 pound cryovac packages so you never have to worry about unused product. Each package is flash frozen to lock in quality for 9 months. Limited custom cut steaks and roasts are available, just let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

(1) “A Review of Fatty Acid Profiles & Antioxidant Content in Grassfed & Grainfed Beef “. Daley, et al. Nutrition Journal 2010 9:10.

Photos of the Farm

Behind the Dodge Ad

Being included in the Dodge Ram Super Bowl Ad in 2013 was a great surprise to our family and farm. You may be wondering how this could come as a surprise, after all, they did have to come and photograph all of us. Here's the short story.

I was called out of the blue by a local commercial photographer named Andy Mahr. He told me he was hired to do a shoot about farms and ranches, but he was not at liberty to say who hired him, or what the images were going to be used for. Little did we know the secrecy extended far beyond our little farm, in fact very few people even within the Dodge company knew of the commercial.

As we watched the game, the commercial came on. Listening to the iconic speech by Paul Harvey and watching the images quietly tell the story, we saw my father, brother, and my son all enjoy a brief moment of fame. My son was quite the rock star when he went back to school, pretty much everyone in our small town had seen him. Needless to say, the hazing and teasing has been relentless between myself and my brother as well.

It was a fantastic memory for our family, but the commercial speaks largely to what many in our community, and country, experience on a daily basis. It was a great tribute to the hidden people that produce the goods that end up on all of our plates every day of the year.

“God Made a Farmer” Featuring Grassfield Farm

Peace of Mind

With an increasing number of food recalls every year, it is hard to know, and to be confident that what you are getting from your grocery store shelf is not only healthy, but also safe. It's time to get to know the farmer. Grassfield Farm is committed to provided you the highest quality products that are safe and healthy for your family. Get the reassurance of knowing you have the best food for your family from a local rancher. Find out more about our farm and certifications.

What our clients say

We moved to Hondo a few years ago from San Antonio, but when we left the big city, we thought we would have to leave our farmer’s market behind as well. Little did we know that just down the road we had a great source in Grassfield Farm. After meeting the family and using their products, we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for taking such pride in what you do.

The Kusch Family The Kusch Family

Our family moved to Fort Sam Houston recently. A friend of ours mentioned that she loves fresh, from the farm, meat, so I googled places to order. After looking at a few websites, I picked Grassfield Farm. Not only have we been 100% pleased with the meat and eggs, we’ve been even more impressed with the family. We will continue to order  from Grassfield Farm as long as we are in San Antonio.

The Byers Family John and Audrey Byers

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